About Us
I stand up now and proudly say that I am a Civil Engineer, who graduated from the University of Zimbabwe(UZ) with just another fellow lady, in a class of 35 students. What made me take up the profession was the passion for building things. Seeing my ideas and drawings take form and shape, into something which could change the livelihoods of women and children.

Drawings could transform an area with overflowing sewer and no available water, into an area where there is running water and sewer being diverted from doorsteps to designated treatment areas. Where diseases used to be prevalent, the running water and safe sewer systems made that a thing of the past.
Drawings of structures transformed plastic shacks into brick and mortar dwellings where women could provide shelter for their children.

The road networks and bridges made areas originally impassable more accessible, leading to health and educational institutes being set up.

Crossing of rivers that used to pose a threat for the locals were curbed, as bridges now span across flowing waters.

As the lives of women and children were transformed, it brought great warmth to my heart.

I had the support of family to do what I loved best, a career which has brought great satisfaction into my life. A thought struck me! How many women lacked this support and information to be part of this fulfilling career? In a society where everything was male dominated, were they getting the information that they needed to become Engineers of reckon.

I believe that women can achieve greatness even in these originally male dominated fields of technology, research and science. All that they lack is the information of what it is, and how they too can be involved.

I have learned over time that any successful movement is the sum of its parts. The premise of the Joy Makumbe Trust is that we can achieve anything when we work collectively rather than individually.

We exist to work with the thousands of voices seeking progress for Zimbabwe’s women. Together, I know we can make a difference!