Our Work
  • Hold training workshops to raise interest and build skills of students in engineering, technology, green technology and business
  • Train children in elementary schools in rural areas on solar energy
  • Hold an engineering day for awareness building in engineering and green technology
  • Provide for technical networking across generations
  • The Trust supports the building of a critical mass of qualified Zimbabwean women in sectors where women are currently under-represented or are less impactful
  • We know that to have more impact we have to catch the girl child young and expose her to the various opportunities available in Engineering, Research and Science so she appreciates that it is something that she can also do. So we carry out career guidance programs in elementary, high schools and universities
  • The network seeks to transform the technical arena in Africa by removing the bias in numbers towards their male counterparts
  • We also appreciate that information dissemination and access to opportunities is generally very poor in this country, and so seek to equip even the male children and youth with information that will impact and enhance their lives
  • Have exchange programs with partner countries where a selected group of Engineers from Zimbabwe visits partner countries on an exchange programme.